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Martha Jane JAMESAge: 9718401937

Martha Jane JAMES
Given names
Martha Jane
Married name
Martha Jane MACKAY
Birth about 1840 31
Death of a motherEsther BECKET
24 August 1840
Publication: New South Wales Government
Citation details: V1840681 24A/1840 JAMES ESTHER AGE 43
Marriage of a parentWilliam JAMESMary O'HARAView this family
about 1842 (Age 2)
Address: St. James' Church of England

No documentation has been found for the marriage but some of the children are mentioned in William's Will.

Citation details: V1842977 26C/1842 JAMES WILLIAM ROBERTS MARY ME
Birth of a half-sisterMary Ann JAMES
20 September 1843 (Age 3)
Address: Windsor Road
Death of a half-sisterMary Ann JAMES
17 March 1844 (Age 4)
Birth of a half-brotherSamuel JAMES
17 May 1845 (Age 5)
Citation details: V184526 55/1845 JAMES SAMUEL WILLIAM MARY A
Birth of a half-brotherGeorge JAMES
15 February 1847 (Age 7)
Citation details: V18473011 32A/1847 JAMES GEORGE WILLIAM MARY A --
Birth of a half-sisterElizabeth Ann JAMES
20 January 1849 (Age 9)

Citation details: V18492058 34A/1849 JAMES ELIZABETH A WILLIAM MARY A --
Birth of a half-sisterEsther Adeliza JAMES
18 August 1850 (Age 10)
Address: Tangmangaroo
Citation details: V18502164 37A/1850 JAMES ESTHER A WILLIAM MARY A --
Birth of a half-brotherHenry Augustas JAMES
24 August 1852 (Age 12)
Citation details: V18523764 39A/1852 JAMES HENRY A WILLIAM MARY A
Marriage of a siblingWilliam JAMESMary DODView this family
4 January 1854 (Age 14)

Citation details: V1854420 81/1854 JAMES WILLIAM DOD MARY JX
Baptism of a half-brotherHenry Augustas JAMES
21 January 1854 (Age 14)
Note: Roman Catholic
Death of a paternal grandmotherAnn BEAN
11 March 1854 (Age 14)
Citation details: V18541744 41A/1854 JAMES ANN AGE 64
Quality of data: secondary evidence
Death of a paternal grandfatherSamuel JAMES
6 March 1855 (Age 15)
Citation details: V18551853 43A/1855 JAMES SAMUEL AGE 71
Quality of data: questionable evidence
MarriageAdam MACKAYView this family
about 1857 (Age 17)
Citation details: 871/1857 MACKAY ADAM JAMES MARTHA JANE YASS
Marriage of a siblingThomas Edward JAMESMary Ann HORTONView this family
about 1857 (Age 17)
Citation details: 2891/1857 JAMES THOMAS HAUGHTON MARY YASS
Birth of a son
William E MACKAY
about 1860 (Age 20)
Citation details: 14091/1860 MACKAY WILLIAM E ADAM MARTHA J YASS
Birth of a daughter
about 1862 (Age 22)
Citation details: 15336/1862 MACKAY MARY A ADAM MARTHA YASS
Marriage of a half-siblingSamuel JAMESBridget COXView this family
10 March 1863 (Age 23)
Citation details: 3257/1863 JAMES SAMUEL COX BRIDGET YASS
Death of a sonWilliam E MACKAY
about 1865 (Age 25)
Publication: New South Wales Government
Citation details: 6546/1865 MACKAY WILLIAM E ADAM MARTHA I YASS
Marriage of a half-siblingJohn TUCKWELLEsther Adeliza JAMESView this family
11 May 1866 (Age 26)
Marriage of a half-siblingHenry Augustas JAMESEllen M KILLEENView this family
Type: Religious marriage
22 July 1874 (Age 34)
Address: St. Augustine's Church
Citation details: 4279/1874 JAMES HENRY A KILLEEN ELLEN YASS
Marriage of a half-siblingAlexander Burleigh WOODElizabeth Ann JAMESView this family
30 December 1874 (Age 34)
Marriage of a half-siblingGeorge JAMESElizabeth Ann AMORView this family
about 1875 (Age 35)
Death of a brotherThomas Edward JAMES
6 November 1876 (Age 36)

He had an inquest reported in The Yass Courier, Yass, NSW, Australia, on Friday, 10 November 1876 as follows:

Fatal Accident Near Yass

We regret to state that on last Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Thomas James, proprietor of the North Yass Hotel, was thrown from a horse he was riding, and died shortly afterwards. The deceased was one of the aldermen for O'Brien Ward, and was much respected by a large circle of acquaintances. Much sympathy is felt for the widow and family of eight children, the youngest an infant. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, and was very numerously attended. The hearse was preceded by a large number of the members of the Yass Oddfellows Lodge, with their large banner in front draped in crepe. After the coffin, about thirty vehicles and over fifty horsemen, &c., followed. An inquest was held on Wednesday, and we append the evidence taken:-

Jeremiah Spearing deposed: I am a labourer, and reside near Yass; yesterday I saw the deceased going out to Mr. McGrath's Telegraph Inn, about three miles from Yass, in a vehicle; about two o'clock on the same day I noticed Mr. Denis McNamara going in the same direction; I was at the time at the back of Mr. Hannon's Carriers' Arms Inn; about four o'clock I heard a horse galloping past rather quickly; I looked along the road and noticed a man on horseback; I did not recognise who he was; I could see by his manner of riding that he was under the influence of liquor; he rode some distance, almost falling from the horse, and I then watched him until he fell; this occurred on the Yass side of Jones's Creek bridge; I then procured a horse and galloped up to where the accident occurred; I took hold of the deceased and asked him if he was hurt; I had then recognised him as Thomas James; He made no answer; There was a cart passing at the time, and with the assistance of the driver I placed deceased in it, and conveyed him to his own dwelling; immediately afterwards a messanger was sent to Yass for a doctor; I then went to meet the doctor; he told me to procure some leeches; I did so; on my return the doctor told me there was no hope of deceased recovering; the deceased was insensible from the time I picked him up until his death; which took place almost immediately after I returned with the leeches. Charles Smith deposed: I reside in North Yass; about four o'clock yesterday afternoon I went down to Jones's Creek after my horses, and as I was going along, Thomas James galloped past and said "good day"; I was near Jones's Creek, on the main road, when this happened; deceased then hit the horse with a whip, the horse went to one side and deceased leant on its neck and then fell off; a woman came up, and she told me to stop there while she went up and told Mrs. James; Jerry Spearing then came along and picked up deceased; there was a spring-cart near, and the deceased was placed in it; the spring-cart was then driven to deceased's residence; after he was taken into the house I saw no more of him; deceased did not speak or move in my presence after the accident. To a juryman: I think deceased was a little groggy, when he spoke to me. Dr. Perry deposed: I am a legally qualified medical practitioner, and reside in Yass; I have seen the body of the deceased; yesterday evening about four o'clock I was requested to come to North Yass to see Thomas James and was informed that he had had a fall from his horse; I went to his residence to see him and found him in a dying state; he was quite insensible, and unable to swallow; on examination I found bruises about his face and forehead; he was also bleeding from both ears; his pulse was beating very feebly; he slightly inspired twice and then died, within a very few minutes of my first seeing him; I sent for leeches and was prceeding to do what was necessary, but he died before anything could be done; I believe his death was caused by fracture to base of the skull, the result of a fall from a horse. The jury returned the latter part of the doctor's evidence as their verdict.4

Citation details: 11058/1876 JAMES THOMAS WILLIAM ESTHER YASS
Burial of a brotherThomas Edward JAMES
9 November 1876 (Age 36)
Death of a fatherWilliam JAMES
11 December 1878 (Age 38)
Citation details: 10616/1878 JAMES WILLIAM SAMUEL ANN YASS
Quality of data: secondary evidence
Death of a daughterMary Ann MACKAY
about 1882 (Age 42)
Publication: New South Wales Government
Citation details: 12618/1882 MACKAY MARY A ADAM DIED YASS YASS
Death of a sisterAnn JAMES
25 July 1895 (Age 55)
Death of a half-sisterEsther Adeliza JAMES
3 February 1901 (Age 61)
Citation details: 3393/1901 TUCKWELL ESTHER A WILLIAM -- WARREN
Death of a brotherJohn Henry JAMES
31 July 1902 (Age 62)
Death of a half-brotherGeorge JAMES
about 1924 (Age 84)
Citation details: 11595/1924 JAMES GEORGE WILLIAM MARY ROCKDALE
Death of a half-brotherHenry Augustas JAMES
8 August 1936 (Age 96)
Death 1937 (Age 97)

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 24 July 1832Parramatta, , New South Wales, Australia
-23 months
elder sister
Birth: 10 August 1830 21New South Wales, Australia
Death: 25 July 1895Albury, , New South Wales, Australia
22 months
elder brother
4 years
elder brother
2 years
elder brother
John Henry JAMES
Birth: 14 June 1838 29Parramatta, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: 31 July 1902Australia
3 years
Father’s family with Mary LEWIS - View this family
Marriage: 17 December 1827Parramatta, , New South Wales, Australia
Father’s family with Mary O'HARA - View this family
Marriage: about 1842Melbourne, , Victoria, Australia
21 months
Mary Ann JAMES
Birth: 20 September 1843 34Parramatta, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: 17 March 1844New South Wales, Australia
20 months
21 months
23 months
19 months
2 years
Mother’s family with John HENDLE - View this family
Marriage: 20 January 1812Parramatta, , New South Wales, Australia
Mother’s family with George TUCKWELL - View this family
Family with Adam MACKAY - View this family
Marriage: about 1857Yass, , New South Wales, Australia
4 years
William E MACKAY
Birth: about 1860 26 20Yass, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1865Yass, , New South Wales, Australia
3 years
Birth: about 1862 28 22Yass, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1882Yass, , New South Wales, Australia

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