Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond


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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Agnes Pearl ROWE
Agnes Pearl McLAUGHLIN
Agnes PearlAAAAROWEROWEAAAAAgnes Pearl0estimated 1901241556800yes2459398-10FYESYESR
Albert P ROWE
Albert PAAAAROWEROWEAAAAAlbert P0estimated 1891241191600before 20112455745-10MYESYESR
Alice Ann ROWE
Alice Ann EGGINS
Alice AnnAAAAROWEROWEAAAAAlice Ann0about 18652402420154Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00about 190124155681183613148Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESYES 
Austral M ROWE
Austral MAAAAROWEROWEAAAAAustral M018542398402165New South Wales, Australia0019222423238976824836Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Cornelius Henry ROWE
Cornelius HenryAAAAROWEROWEAAAACornelius Henry0about 18992414838120Burwood, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19762442961437728123New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Donald ROWE
DonaldAAAAROWEROWEAAAADonald0March 27, 19002415106119New Zealand00about 19822445153378129865New Zealand0MYESY100 
Eileen F ROWE
Eileen FAAAAROWEROWEAAAAEileen F0about 19022415933117Burwood, , New South Wales, Australia00yes2459763-10FYESYES 
Elizabeth Grace ROWE
Elizabeth Grace BULL
Elizabeth GraceAAAAROWEROWEAAAAElizabeth Grace0about 18952413377124New Zealand00September 9, 19692440474497427279New Zealand0FYESY100 
Emily Catherine ROWE
Emily Catherine FENNINGS
Emily CatherineAAAAROWEROWEAAAAEmily Catherine0estimated 1876240643711before 19962450266-10FYESYESR
Ethel Rachel ROWE
Ethel Rachel KEENA
Ethel RachelAAAAROWEROWEAAAAEthel Rachel0about 18972414108122Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia00December 24, 19602437293586323367Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100R
Florence May ROWE
Florence May EVERSON
Florence MayAAAAROWEROWEAAAAFlorence May0about 18852409725134Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia00August 5, 19212422907973613364Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100R
George B ROWE
George BAAAAROWEROWEAAAAGeorge B0about 18822408629137West Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia11about 19272425064924516435Ashfield, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100R
Hilda Margaret ROWE
Hilda MargaretAAAAROWEROWEAAAAHilda Margaret0about 18962413742123New Zealand00November 27, 19082418273110124713Wanganui, , , New Zealand0FYESYES 
JohnAAAAROWEROWEAAAAJohn0estimated 1834239109711before 19542434926-10MYESYESR
John Barr ROWE
John BarrAAAAROWEROWEAAAAJohn Barr0October 27, 18932412764125New Zealand00about 19742442231458029285New Zealand0MYESY100 
Mary Jane ROWE
Mary JaneAAAAROWEROWEAAAAMary Jane0about 18782407168141Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00December 10, 19572436183617929197Frederickton, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Mary Somerville ROWE
Mary Somerville CURTIS
Mary SomervilleAAAAROWEROWEAAAAMary Somerville0about 18922412281127New Zealand00about 19572436022626523741New Zealand0FYESY100 
Thomas ROWE
ThomasAAAAROWEROWEAAAAThomas0calculated 1848239621017177May 23, 190124155281185319500Upokongaro, , , New Zealand0MYESYESR
Thomas Northcott ROWE
Thomas NorthcottAAAAROWEROWEAAAAThomas Northcott0about 18912411916128New Zealand00about 19572436022626624106New Zealand0MYESY100 
Thomas W ROWE
Thomas WAAAAROWEROWEAAAAThomas W0estimated 1877240680300before 19972450632-10MYESYESR
Victor Harry ROWE
Victor HarryAAAAROWEROWEAAAAVictor Harry0calculated 1903241629811600May 31, 19542434894655118778Bellingen, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
William ROWE
WilliamAAAAROWEROWEAAAAWilliam0calculated 1833239073218611February 14, 187524059341444215384Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYESR
William E ROWE
William EAAAAROWEROWEAAAAWilliam E0about 19082418124111Burwood, , New South Wales, Australia00yes2461954-10MYESYES 
William H ROWE
William HAAAAROWEROWEAAAAWilliam H0estimated 1872240497611before 19922448805-10MYESYESR
William Henry ROWE
William HenryAAAAROWEROWEAAAAWilliam Henry0estimated 1869240388133before 19892447710-10MYESYESR
William Henry ROWE
William HenryAAAAROWEROWEAAAAWilliam Henry0estimated 1838239255811before 19582436387-10MYESYESR
William Herbert ROWE
William HerbertAAAAROWEROWEAAAAWilliam Herbert0about 18992414838120New Zealand00about 19642438578556523740New Zealand0MYESY100 
Winsome Eadith ROWE
Winsome Eadith LAWRENCE
Winsome Eadith GOODWIN
Winsome EadithAAAAROWEROWEAAAAWinsome Eadith0November 6, 191924222699900January 3, 2013245629669334027East Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100R