Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond


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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Arthur Edgar DORSE
Arthur EdgarAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAArthur Edgar0about 18912411916128Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19682440039517728123Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Augustus Albert DORSE
Augustus AlbertAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAAugustus Albert0about 18652402420154Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19402429812797527392Cessnock, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Bertha DORSE
BerthaAAAADORSEDORSEAAAABertha0about 18982414473121Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19812444788388330315New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Bertha A DORSE
Bertha AAAAADORSEDORSEAAAABertha A0about 18672403150152Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00before 19872446979-10FYESYES 
Cecil William DORSE
Cecil WilliamAAAADORSEDORSEAAAACecil William0estimated 1923242360300about 1978244369241-1New South Wales, Australia0MY100Y100 
Charlotte J DORSE
Charlotte JAAAADORSEDORSEAAAACharlotte J0about 18892411186130Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19032416298116145112Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESYES 
Doris Annetta DORSE
Doris Annetta ROBARDS
Doris AnnettaAAAADORSEDORSEAAAADoris Annetta0about 19002415203119Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19562435656635620453Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Eleanor P DORSE
Eleanor PAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAEleanor P0about 18692403881150Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00before 19892447710-10FYESYES 
Florence I DORSE
Florence IAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAFlorence I0about 19112419220108Clarence Town, , New South Wales, Australia00yes2463050-10FYESYES 
Harry Barrett DORSE
Harry BarrettAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAHarry Barrett0about 18732405342146Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19502433465697728123Newcastle, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Hester E DORSE
Hester EAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAHester E0about 18772406803142Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00before 19972450632-10FYESYES 
James W CAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAJames W C0about 18632401689156Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19322426890876925201Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Jane Maria DORSE
Jane Maria WHEELER
Jane MariaAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAJane Maria0about 19072417759112Clarence Town, , New South Wales, Australia00August 16, 20052453599139836022Clarence Town, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
John TAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAJohn T0about 18612400959158Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00about 18832408994136228035Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Lionel James B “Jim” DORSE
Lionel James BAAAADORSEDORSEAAAALionel James B0about 19032416298116Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00October 6, 19802444519387728403New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Mary Emily DORSE
Mary Emily BARNES
Mary EmilyAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAMary Emily0about 18942413012125Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19602437117596624105Islington, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Richard DORSE
RichardAAAADORSEDORSEAAAARichard0November 29, 18592400378159Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia88March 23, 19372428616827728238Mayfield, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Richard DORSE
RichardAAAADORSEDORSEAAAARichard0June 2, 17942376458225Weston Zoyland, Somersetshire, England, United Kingdom11November 29, 184623956301725219172Weston Zoyland, Somersetshire, England, United Kingdom0MYESYESR
Thomas DORSE
ThomasAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAThomas0before June 28, 18292389267189Somerset, England, United Kingdom1010October 2, 190124156601177226393Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Thomas DORSE
ThomasAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAThomas0about 18712404611148Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00December 29, 19272425244915620815Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Thomas William DORSE
Thomas WilliamAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAThomas William0about 18872410455132Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia22March 22, 19462431902735921629Newtown, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
William Green DORSE
William GreenAAAADORSEDORSEAAAAWilliam Green0about 18752406072144Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia00about 18982414473121238401Waterloo, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES